Rascal Flatts

Rascal Flatts

The dawn of country music started in the late 1920’s in Atlanta Georgia. Many artists emerged from that genre. Eventually, the style of the music also changed through time. Among the sub genres are country rock and country pop music. However, some modern country singers changed the face of country music into a more enjoyable and more soothing one.

One band which took flight from this and gained their own stages in the international scene is an American trio called Rascal Flatts. The three members, Gary LeVox, Jay DeMarcus and Joe Don Rooney came from family of musicians. The group originated in Columbus Ohio but started making their career in Nashville, Tennessee as early as 1992.

After trying out and sending song demos to recording companies, the band got signed on the record label Lyric Street in the late 1999. New to the national and international music industry, their debut single Praying for Daylight topped the billboards immediately as the 3rd.

Going high up to the limelight just followed up naturally like it was meant for them. Three other singles from their first self-titled album hit the charts for the top ten. In 2002, they bagged the Song of the Year award from the prestigious Academy of Country Music.

Fortunately for Rascal Flatts, the fans of country music seem to have become fascinated with their songs and style. The second album entitled ‘Melt’ got three more songs up the country music charts. The first single, These Days, bagged the number one spot.

An irony was meant to happen for them though. Despite getting high places on the charts, the music video for their song ‘I Melt’ was banned from the Great American Country network because of the partial nudity in some scenes but nothing stopped their career from reaching their full potential.

They had started having tours with other artists and eventually gained their solo tour and concert. More opportunities opened up for them. The release of their album ‘Changed’ became the epitome of a bigger career and massive listeners.

“Given what we’ve been through the past two years, I don’t think there could be any better title. This feels like the next step in Rascal Flatts’ evolution.”, says Jay DeMarcus about the album.

As uncommon as it is for country music singers to gather an audience from the younger generation, Rascal Flatts was able to give themselves a space on the playlists of listeners as young as 10 years old. Not only did they prove their worth through their awards but through the love of the audience that supported their every album.

Now having been more than a decade in the music industry, Rascal Flatts made bigger leaps and widened their stage, even making appearances on TV programs and shows and even performing cameo in movies.

Apparently, they gained more teen audience through their cameo in Miley Cyrus’ famous movie, Hannah Montana. They appeared at the scene of Hannah’s Grandma’s birthday, singing their song Bless the Broken Road.

Until now, Rascal Flatts keep their avid listeners posted for their country tours and albums.